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Peace of Mind with Your Luma Card

Luma customers receive protection from internet fraud. Even if you’re not a Luma cardholder yet, you can always take advantage of Luma’s basic guides to credit. See how the Luma card’s features bring you peace of mind.

Active Fraud Protection

Luma’s trusted issuer, Capital One, continually monitors your Luma account for fraudulent activity. As long as you’re careful with your account details, if your Luma credit card’s ever used without your knowledge, you won’t be liable for any purchases made.

Automated Fraud Alerts

When you register for online account management with Luma, you can set up alerts that automatically warn you if we ever notice any suspicious activity on your account. Early warnings help you take action if someone ever uses your card without your permission. Find out other steps you can take to protect yourself from fraud.

Online Fraud Protection

Luma customers receive fraud protection if your card’s ever used without your authorisation online. To stay safe online, Luma also offers these online safety tips.

Identity Theft Protection

Learn how to protect yourself from identity theft with this guide from Luma. If your identity is ever stolen, Luma cardholders get free support.