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Hassle-free Online Account Management

No matter where you are, no matter the time of day, it’s easy to keep track of your Luma account online. Managing your Luma credit card online is the easiest, most secure way to keep track of your finances. Once you register online as a Luma credit cardholder, you can:

  • Get email alerts

    Luma’s email alerts help you stay on top of your finances. Once you register for online account management, you can set up email alerts that let you know when your credit card payment is due, when you’re nearing your credit limit, or if there’s suspicious activity on your account.

  • See your statements anytime, anywhere

    When you manage your account online, you’ll always be able view your last 12 statements, anytime, anywhere.

  • Pay your bill online

    No need to get a stamp or worry about a cheque getting delayed in the post. Make payments with your debit card or set up direct debit online – it’s safe and secure.

  • Update your account quickly and easily

    No need to spend time on the phone. If you need to update your personal information, you can make updates to your account online anytime, anywhere.

  • View your PIN

    It’s all too easy to forget your PIN. Luma customers choosing to manage their accounts online can check a PIN anytime, anywhere.

  • Reduce paperwork with electronic documents

    Tired of all the clutter from bills, statements, and post? Luma customers choosing online account management get free, secure online statements.

  • Make a balance transfer

    If you’d like to move your higher interest balance to your Luma credit card, it’s easy to transfer your balance to Luma online.

Want to benefit from online ease and convenience as a Luma customer? If you’re an existing customer, register online.  Not a Luma cardholder? Use our eligibility checker to find out if you’ll be accepted, without affecting your credit score.