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Credit Cards & Credit Guidance

Credit’s a funny thing. More and more, you need a credit card to do basic things, like buying things online or getting a plane ticket. At the same time credit cards are more essential, it can be tough to get one — particularly if you’re just starting out or have had credit issues in the past.

Credit Card Basics

APR, interest payments, identity theft – there’s a lot to know about credit cards. Luma explains the fine print on your credit card agreement, how to protect yourself from identity theft and more.

Credit Cards & You

Luma explains what you need to consider if you’ve recently graduated, just moved to the UK from overseas, got bad credit or CCJs, and more. Find out how your unique circumstances impact your ability to get and use credit cards.

Understanding Credit Ratings

Your credit rating determines a lot of things in your life — from getting a credit card to securing a mortgage and more. Luma helps you know what your credit rating is and how to improve it.