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Luma card. 35.9% APR Representative (variable)
35.9% APR
Representative (variable)
  • Manageable credit limits up to £1,500
  • Good for credit building* and no annual fee
  • Quick & easy application - get a response in 60 seconds
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* Manage your Luma card sensibly, make payments on time and stay within your credit limit and you could improve your credit rating in time. However, failing to manage your card sensibly could harm your credit rating.

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  • Accessible eligibility requirements:

    You could get a credit card even if you’re new to credit, have CCJs or other issues with your credit rating.

  • Online account management and mobile app:

    Access your account anywhere, anytime.

  • Add additional cardholders:

    Streamline your household’s finances and keep an eye on your overall expenditure. Remember, you are liable for all transactions on your account.

  • Easy to manage:

    Credit limits up to £1500.

  • No nasty surprises:

    No annual fee, no hidden charges.

  • Automated fraud alerts and free identity theft protection:

    Ensure that your account stays safe and that you have help when you need it most.

  • Guides to using cards responsibly:

    Improve your credit rating understand how to build your credit.

35.9% APR
Representative (variable)

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Manage your account online

No matter where you are, no matter the time of day, it’s easy to keep track of your Luma account online. Managing your Luma credit card online is the easiest, most secure way to keep track of your finances. Once you register online as a Luma credit cardholder, you can:

35.9% APR
Representative (variable)

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Watch our TV ad for the Luma Card - the card that’s already accepted thousands of people around the UK

35.9% APR
Representative (variable)

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Key features of your Luma Credit Card

Summary Box

The information contained in this table summarises key product features and is not intended to replace any terms and conditions.

Representative Example
  • 35.9% APR representative variable
  • 35.94% p.a. variable on purchases
  • £1,200 assumed credit limit
Interest Rates
Introductory Rate Monthly Rate Annual Rate
N/A 2.59% 35.94%*
Cash Withdrawals
Introductory Rate Monthly Rate Annual Rate
N/A 2.59% 35.94%*
Balance Transfers
Introductory Rate Monthly Rate Annual Rate
N/A 2.59% 35.94%*
Interest Free Period
  • Maximum of 56 days for purchases where the balance is paid in full and on time
  • 0 days for balance transfers and cash

Subject to any interest free period that may apply.

Interest Charging Information

No interest is payable on purchases if you pay in full the outstanding balance on your first statement by its payment due date. No interest is payable on purchases on subsequent statements if the outstanding balances on your current statement and the previous statement are paid in full by their respective payment due dates.

Otherwise the period over which interest is charged is as follows:

Interest Charge Dates
From Until
Purchases Posted date Paid in full
Cash Withdrawals Posted date Paid in full
Balance Transfers Posted date Paid in full
Allocation of Payments

Unless you pay the outstanding balance in full, we will allocate your payments to balances which attract the highest interest rate first.

We will always allocate your payments to any amounts which have already appeared on a statement before allocating your payments to any amounts subsequently applied to your account.

For further details, please refer to your credit card terms and conditions.

Minimum Repayment

The monthly credit card payment is:

- the full outstanding balance if it is less than £5, but otherwise the greater of:

  • An amount equal to the total of (i) 1% of the outstanding balance on your account; (ii) interest applied to your account in that month; (iii) all Default Sums incurred in that month; and (iv) one twelfth of your Annual Fee, or
  • £5
Credit Limit
Minimum Credit Limit £200
Maximum Credit Limit £1,500
No annual fee
Balance Transfer Handling Fee 3.0%
Cash Fee (includes gambling transactions) 3.0% (minimum £3)
Copy Statement Charge £3 (maximum £10 per request)
Foreign Usage
Payment Scheme Exchange Rate Rates can be found at:



One or More of the Following May Apply:
Non-sterling Transaction Fee 2.75%
Cash Fee 3.0% (minimum £3)
Default Charges
Late and Failure to Pay Default Sum £12
Returned Payment Default Sum £12
Overlimit Default Sum £12
Returned Credit Card Cheque Default Sum £12.00
*The simple interest rate is 31.10% for balance transfers, 31.10% for purchases and 31.10% for cash withdrawals from the date of this agreement.